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Happy Time (2021)


Looking for the man who stole his horse and killed the only two people whom ever showed him kindness. 


Perdition (2021)

Mathew Abernathy is dealing with the recent death of a loved one when a woman appears out of nowhere in the middle of the night. What happens next will leave you not trusting either of them.

In the spring of 2021, Paul wrote this 15 minute short, Exploring the idea of a hardened killer with a reputation. Whom has a certain appreciation for the nicer things in life. Isaiah tracks the man that stole his horse to a saloon in a small town. 

In the summer of 2019, We collaborated with Micah Lyons and Brooke Lyons on a 18 minute short film called Perdition. Paul and Micah collaborated on the script written by Paul, Co-produced it and Paul Directed Micah and Brooke in this western. This action packed western really showcases the incredible acting talent of Micah and Brooke along with a great supporting cast. Released to Festival in 2021.

Bedtime is a short film based on a Reddit short story and written/directed by Paul Foster. After dad reads her a bock a young girl believes there is a monster either in her closet or under her bed.  She will not rest until Dad checks.


In Plain Sight (2019)

Inspired by the Michelle Knight story,  A woman from a small tight-nit community is missing. Her car found near a local jogging path she goes to but no trace of Christine. What happens next will shake you to the core.

A short film inspired by the Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry stories. In Plain Sight is a story about a missing woman and her attempt at freedom. With everyone looking for her out of a tight-nit community she seems to have vanished. The goal of this film is to bring awareness not to trafficking but instead to the things that go on right in front of us in our day to day lives. Michelle Knight was held for several years against her will by an unassuming person in a rural neighborhood where the houses almost touched each other. When the truth came out it shocked everyone. 


Bedtime (2018) 

Based on a short story, Bedtime tells the story of a young girl who is scared of monster in her closet. This was a fun project, realizing we needed to make improvements in our overall story telling process as well as filming we took the opportunity to shoot this quick short film. It was never submitted to festival but was a great experience.


Unwanted (2017)

A couple happens upon an old house that has been on the market for a long time. Seeing a huge opportunity they jump on purchasing the house only to discover too late why the house remained for sale all of those years. Every house has its secrets but some secrets should be left alone.

Our first feature film was also the first project for Second Hand Productions and Paul Fosters first film. Originally a short film by design it expanded into a 67 minute feature. We took a simple concept of a haunted house and a couple moving in. then we explored the notion of how ghosts manifest themselves and our interpretation as to why. Shot over the spring and summer of 2016 and released in 2017 to a packed house. This film has been released to Amazon Prime and to date has been streamed over 111,000 times since and growing. The goal of this project was to get our name out there as a production company that is serious about film making and that we weren't just an average indie film company. Ultimately we wanted people to want to work with us.


London, Texas (2017)

In the mid-1930s, the Great Depression was in full swing, but the London school district was one of the richest in America. A 1930 oil find in Rusk County had boosted the local economy and educational spending grew with it. The London School was heated with natural gas and on March 18th 1937 a spark from a belt sander in the Manual studies department ignited a gas leak under the school. the following explosion killed over 297 students, teachers and guests and devastated the small community.

In the fall of 2016 we were approached about helping Ron Holloman create a Promo trailer to help secure funding for his film "London, Texas" This was a huge honor to be a part of and we spent 9 months filming, editing and completing all the visual effects it would take to transport our audience to 1937 east Texas. This is the story of how a generation died during the 1937 London School explosion.

Etiquette of a gunslinger (2021)

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